Tender programmes - Substructure piling Do's and Dont's

First of all you must read the tender documents, and all of them. Most of the time we as planners do not have enough time on our hands - but a review of the tender documents will allow you to plan and #programme the project - with ease and confidence.

The tender preliminary health and safety plan will also give you the duration of the project - that is if it isn't in the ITT (Instructions to Tenderers) document. Also read the type of #contract. A lot of planners do not read the contract clauses regarding #programme and project timeline. Resources, some contracts require a resourced #programme, that is one to watch. Also, what type of contract is it - #NEC4 or #FIDIC or #JCT ?

When you open the pack of tender drawings for a building project, focus on the site location and logistics. As planners we must focus on how we build the project and the logistics required - is it a constricted inner city site ? does it require a #gantry ? ...where will the tower cranes be located - can they meet the loading's of plant to be installed in the project ?

Take a good look at the structural and civil drawings also, what is under the soil ? what does the structural engineer say in the report ? Is rock or perched water evident ?

In this case we will look at #piling..

#Piling - is piling required - what type of piling - contiguous or secant for example ? How does the rig access the site ? What happens to the arising - are they contaminated ?

The structural drawings are potentially the most important set of drawings that the #tender planner must review as part of the programme compilation. The substructure is always the highest risk area in any tender programme.

Productivity rates - How many #piles are required in the project - review the piling layout drawings - how many rigs are required ? Can they fit #on-site ?

Can other construction programme activities be undertaken during the piling period - or is it piling only ? Does the #tower #crane base require piling ?

What is the piling sequence ? What are the adjacent and neighbouring properties ? Have I visited site ? Where are underground and overhead utilities ?

Time and time again as programme experts, we are required to write programme reports for clients and contractors in terms of the assessment of #risk on construction programmes at tender and prior to construction commencement. The above is a quick snapshot of where it can all go wrong - or go right for substructure !

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